Thursday, 9 November 2017

Penkid Window Restrictors!

Penkid Cable Window Restrictor

Penkid Fixed Cable RestrictorPenkid Cable Window Restrictor

The Penkid Cable Window Restrictor is suitable for all kinds of doors & windows including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.
This cable window restrictor restricts the opening of a window, giving between 10cm and 15cm worth of opening, depending on where the restrictor is installed on the window. This Penkid cable restrictor is particularly useful for keeping windows near young children safe, preventing accidents where the child pushes the window open and falls out.
This cable restrictor is key locking, which allows the window to be opened fully when the restrictor is unlocked, while also preventing the window restrictor from being unlocked by accident.
The Penkid Cable Window Restrictor provides extra safety for windows and doors, preventing accidents and increasing security.

Our Penkid Cable Window Restrictor is tested by British Standards and also has a 550kg breaking strain to provide maximum safety.

It has been brought to our attention that there are replicas of Penkid Restrictors which are being sold on many different auction sites.

These have not been certified by British Standards or the European CE Standards and may not be safe.   

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Fab & Fix Cranked Window Handles

High Quality Replacement Fab & Fix Window Handles

The Fab & Fix Cranked Window Handles are a high quality secure key locking handle with a push button for quick and easy release. This handle automatically locks when closed and requires use of the push-button to unlock.

A key is supplied to deadlock the handle and and it also automatically locks when closed.

Gold Right Handed Fab & Fix Cranked HandleBlack Left Handed Fab & Fix Cranked Handle
Quick push button release.
Left or Right handed handles.
Screw hole distance top to bottom - 43mm.
Available in spindle sizes of 15mm, 30mm, 40mm.
Supplied with key and coverplate.
Available In Black, White, Gold & Chrome.

For Left Handed Fab & Fix Window Handles At WindowParts Click Here

For Right Handed Fab & Fix Window Handles At WindowParts Click Here

White Left Handed Fab & Fix Cranked HandleChrome Right Handed Fab & Fix Cranked Handle

WindowParts Flexi Window Handles

WindowParts Flexi Window Handles

Flexible handles to fit up to 95% of windows!

The WP Flexi Inline Espag Window Handle is a handle for double glazed windows that can be used to replace any other inline espag handle. This makes it perfect for use on repair jobs or as a replacement handle as it is available in five different spindle lengths.

Available in Chrome, Silver, White & Gold

One handle designed to fit up to 95% of Multipoint window locks.

Available in four colours.
Suitable for internal use.
Replacement for all inline espag handles.
Colour matching screw cover and one key supplied.
Available in five spindle lengths: 10,15,20,30,40mm.
Distance between screw centres: 43mm.
Universal (handed) - turns left and right.
If you are not sure about what size your spindle is, you can purchase a pack containing one handle (colour of your choice) and 4 spindles (10,15,20,30,40mm). Please visit WP Flexi Handle Pack.

See our Flexi Window Handles HERE

Friday, 21 July 2017

WindowParts Flexi Handles

WindowParts Flexi Handles


Flexible Handles to fit up to 95% of Doors!

Available in Chrome, Silver, White & Gold


One handle designed to fit up to 95% of Multipoint locks using it's adjustable PZ centre.
PZ distance adjustable from 59mm to 96mm.
Lever/Lever operated handle with one 7mm spindle.
Easy to convert to a split spindle or an offset handle.
Available in four colours.
Suitable for external use.
Screw Hole Distance : 240mm (Chrome).
                                   : 260mm (Silver, Gold, White)

See Them HERE


Flexible Door Handle, Fits 95% of Multipoint Locked DoorsAdjustable PZ Centre Door Handle

 Adjustable PZ Centre Means This Handle Will Fit Up To 95% Of Doors

Replacing A Millenco Cam In A 117/86 Multipoint Lock.

How To Replace A Millenco Cam In A 117/86 Multipoint Lock.

Having Problems Knowing How To Replace Your Cams? No Worries! See Our Easy-To-Follow Instructions Below!

The Millenco 117/86 Multipoint Lock is a very popular and strong locking mechanism that is extremely durable and built with years of usage!

Unfortunately, the Millenco cams can sometimes break if they shatter.

We supply replacement cams, meaning the whole lock doesn't need replacing if the cam breaks. 

These cams can be replaced easily and here's how!
Millenco 117/86 Cams From WindowPartsMillenco 117/86 Cams From WindowPartsMillenco 117/86 Cams From WindowParts

117/86 multipoint loc

When the handle is turned, the cam that moves the lock in and out of position can shear off or shatter. This will result in the handle no longer being able to turn the lock.

This step-by-step tutorial video below shows you how to swap the broken cam and replace it with the new cam. WindowParts make replacement cams to a very high specification and very high quality meaning they should last longer than the original part.

WindowParts Ltd sell the replacement cams for just £12 including vat!
Value for money and also saves the expense of replacing the entire lock.
With a new cam, you could easily receive many more years of use out of your handle!

Click HERE to see the Millenco cam at WindowParts Ltd

Millenco 117/86 Cams

High Quality Millenco 117/86 Cams

Broken Cams? No need to replace the whole lock! Try one of our replacement cams instead! 

Replacement cams are designed to replace the damaged cams in Millenco 117/86 Multipoint locks!

Millenco Locks are very high quality secure locks, however unfortunately the cams are the first thing to break in the, or shatter. 

WindowParts offer replacement cams which are designed to fit the Millenco 117/86 Multipoint Lock! 

Changing these cams when they break is more cost effective than replacing an entire lock case which will save you money and time!

High Quality Millenco 117/86 Cams - WindowParts

At just £10+VAT, for replacement Millenco Cams at WindowParts - Click Here

Thursday, 20 July 2017

ERA 1 Star Cylinders

Special Offer! - ERA 1 Star Cylinders

ERA Euro Cylinders have been awarded a 1 Star TS007 rating!

This means they are a higher security cylinder than a standard euro cylinder.

With an appropriate door handle, these cylinders can be used as a part of a 3 Star door fitting!

3 Star fittings are recommended by insurers as it ensure higher security and makes it much harder to force entry via a door. This means anybody trying to forcefully enter the property will have a tough time doing so!

 Available in a range of sizes and different finishes
Just £5+vat & delivery makes these cylinders an excellent deal!

See the ERA Euro Cylinders Range at WindowParts

WindowParts Digital Access Control Lock

WindowParts Digital Access Control Lock

A High Quality KEYLESS Entry!

The Digital Access Control Lock  is a high quality keyless entry system!
That's right, KEYLESS! 

These high security keyless locks are available from WindowParts

This is a system where a key is not required for this lock. The lock is based on a combination entry, meaning only a simple combination code is needed to unlock the door and you don't need to carry any keys!  Digital Access Control Lock
The code can be changed as often as it is needed to and is a simple procedure.
The Digital Access Control Lock system comes supplied with all the screws you need and required keep. The rubber seals also keep the lock weatherproof.
Click here to see this incredible lock! >WindowParts Digital Access Control Lock 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cisa Astral S High Security Euro Cylinders

Cisa Astral S High Security Euro Cylinders

Upgrade Your Security With This High Security Euro Cylinder! 

Cisa Euro Cylinders are an easy to fit security upgrade!

Cisa Astral S Security Euro Cylinder
 UK insurers can specify which locks are needed to keep your home secure and not all euro cylinder locks are made the same.

These easy to fit high security euro cylinders have passed British Standards EN 1303:2005 and are also tested to TS007 1 Star capability. 

Together with a high security door handle these locks could mean a discount on your home insurance. These locks include many properties which secure your home further such as:
  • Snap Resistant
  • Bump Resistant
  • Pick Resistant
  • Drill Resistant
  • 1.6 Million+ Key Combinations
The clutch cam on the CISA Astral S means the lock can be used even if there is a key inserted in the other side, something most eurolocks cannot do.
The laminated steel core on the lock provides an anti-snap capability and also gives a visible deterrent.

These locks are non-handed so either end can be placed inside or outside; this means a 35/55 lock is the same as a 55/35 lock & can be interchanged.

Click here to find The CISA Astral S Eurocylinder


D-1973 Stainless Steel Rollers

Replacement Patio Rollers - D-1973 Stainless Steel

D-1973 Patio Rollers Are Replaceable!

D-1973 Stainless Steel Patio Rollers

These patio door rollers from WindowParts replace worn, stiff or broken patio rollers.

They are a direct replacement for the D-1973 roller that many glazing companies over the years.

D-1973 Stainless Steel Patio Rollers
Although the D-1973 was designed for use in timber sliding doors they can be easily adapted for use in uPVC patio door systems. The stainless steel body has a height of 30mm, a width of 17.5mm and the wheels are adjustable in height from 36.5mm to 41mm.

To see the D-1973 Patio Rollers at WindowParts please click here...

Key Safety Phoenix Key Store Safe

Key Safety Phoenix Key Store Safe 

Do you always misplace or lose your keys?
How about a safe to ensure this doesn't happen!  

This is The Phoenix key store safe. It comes with a protective weather cover to handle harsh weather and protect your keys from harm! 
Phoenix Key Store Safe

This safe is designed with over 1000 different combinations which can be changed if needed at your convenience!

This safe is great for everyone who wants to keep spare keys safe. The lock is also great for those who love to go away or for those who let their property while they are away. With a simple combination, you won't have to worry about handing keys over in person and they will be safe and secure until the safe is unlocked with the selected combination. 

This safe is extremely useful for emergencies where you need to keep spare keys and also safe for children as keys can't get lost. Children can use this safe to store their keys safely and securely enabling them to enter the property without fuss!

The Phoenix Key Store Safe can be used both indoors and outdoors depending upon what type of keys you wish to store. 

The safe is ideal for those who have many different keys and need to keep them safe and in one place. 

The safe ensures protection from keys being lost, stolen and damaged. 

Timber, Aluminium and uPVC Patio Door Rollers

Timber, Aluminium and uPVC Patio Door Rollers

CA 863 Zinc Car Steel Patio Rollers

CA 863 Zinc Car Steel Patio Door Rollers - WindowParts
These rollers are among the most common found on timber, aluminium and uPVC sliding patio doors.

They are sold in pairs and you should always use both new rollers to ensure even wear.

Wheel diameter 38mm.
Wheel height adjustment 40mm – 49mm.
Body width 18.5mm.
Body height 30.5mm.
Fixing bolts included.
Sold as a pair.

Was £29 +vat

Now Just £16.15 +vat 


To see these patio rollers at WindowParts click HERE


Replacement Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase

Replacement Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase

Need a Centre Lockcase With & Without A Snib? Find Our Supply!

Twin Spindle Centre Lockcase To Replace Basta Gibbons Lock

This Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase can be used to replace a damaged/broken or old lockcase in a Basta lock rather than having to replace the whole mechanism.

There are two versions, one with a snib and the other without a snib.

Backset: 31.6mm
Operation: L/L T/S
PZ Centre: 48/86mm
Faceplate: F22

Click Here to see the No-Snib Basta Gibbons Lockcase.
Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase Without Snib
Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase No Snib
Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase With Snib
Basta Gibbons Centre Lockcase With Snib

40% Off Most Of Our Patio Door Roller Range

Massive Price Reductions On All Rollers

WindowParts offer a wide range of patio door rollers for uPVC, aluminium and timber doors with fast delivery, to ensure that we have the replacement parts needed for your door as soon as possible.

All our prices have been slashed by up to 40%.

TRPH-N Stl Car Grp Patio Roller

The TRPH-N Stl Car Grp Patio Roller is a high stack roller with black coloured wheels.
This roller is suitable for uPVC and aluminium inline sliding patio doors.
This roller can be used to replace existing patio door rollers, provided that they were also high stack rollers. 

This patio roller is supplied in pairs.

Wheel diameter 32mm.
Wheel height adjustment 39mm – 49mm.
Body width 19mm.
Body height 28mm.

Fixing bolts included and rollers supplied in pairs.

WAS £29.99+VAT - NOW JUST £16.49+VAT

Bargain Box of 10 Yale Euro Cylinders.

Bargain Box of 10 Yale Euro Cylinders!

Box of 10 - Excellent value at only £3.49 per Cylinder 

The Yale Euro Cylinder lock is a double euro profile cylider designed for the use with uPVC, wooden and composite doors. The lock makes for an excellent replacement for an older of damaged cylinder.

This box of 10 Brass Yale Cylinders is incredible value if you need more than a few cylinders to secure doors. 

Each individual Yale Euro Cylinder is supplied with 3 keys to ensure that you have spare keys for the lock. This cylinder also comes with fixing screws to make fitting them as easy as possible. 

Box Of 10 Yale Cylinder Locks

Box of 10 - Excellent value at only £3.49 per Cylinder.
We also sell these Double Euro profile Yale cylinders as single locks, as well as the Yale anti-snap cylinder. (Also sold singly).
6 Pin Euro Double Cylinder.
Supplied with fixing screws and three keys.
Supplied as ten Single locks.
Tested to British Standard BS EN1303:2005.
Designed for use with uPVC, wooden and composite doors.

Click HERE to go to our website.

Patio Door Handles

WindowParts Patio Door Handles

Don't want to buy a new door? Invest in a new pair of handles! 

Paddock Lever Operated Sliding Patio Door Handle - White

Broken patio door handles can not only be annoying, but can also stop you being able to open and close your doors!

With a wide range of patio door handles, you are able to easily replace your door handles and get your door working again.
Paddock Lever Operated Sliding Patio Door Handle - Black
Paddock Lever Operated Sliding Patio Door Handle - Chrome

We stock patio door handles from Paddock, Hoppe, Fullex, Trojan, Mila, Building Profiles & many others including the WP-Flexi range of adjustable handles that are designed to fit many different doors.

We stock dummy handles, tilt & turn handles, locking handles with many different lock specifications, lever operated handles with the tools and accessories to enable easy fitting!

Most of our handles come in a range of colours. We also stock chrome, silver, gold, brown and black patio door handles in some of our ranges.

Change your door today and make it as good as new!

For more details, please visit our website! >  Patio Door Handles

Yale Anti-Snap High Security Cylinder

Yale Anti-Snap High Security Cylinder

British Standard Kitemark Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

This Yale Euro Profile Cylinder ensures that homes will stay safe from any attempts to force entry. The High Security Cylinder is designed to protect against all forms of cylinder attack, including picking, snapping, bumping and drilling.

Supplied with 3 keys & 1 fixing screw, this remarkable lock is British Kitemarked TS007:2012 1 star security and is also tested to British Standard BS EN1303:2005.
Brass Finished High Secirity Lock CylinderNickel Finished High Secirity Lock Cylinder

 Available in Brass & Nickel finishes these are a direct high security replacement for any Euro Profile cylinder lock.

  • 40/50
  • 45/55
  • 50/40
  • 50/50
  • 55/45
When ordering please note the first number is the outside and the second number is inside. For example, 55/45TT - 45 is the inside with thumbturn and 55 is outside with anti snap.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Patio Door Rollers Can Be Replaced!

Why struggle to open & close your patio door when it can be as good as new with a new pair of rollers?

Have you ever felt like your patio door is ancient and urgently needs replacing because it's too difficult to slide? It's all of a sudden gotten heavier and feels harder to push and pull than when you first got it fitted?
CA 863 Zinc Car Patio Roller

Well, we have a solution that will make you feel like your patio door is as good as new again! 

Your door runs on a pair of rollers that can be replaced.

Once the rollers on your patio door become worn out or damaged, your door may be a struggle to open or close and may feel heavier. 

Instead of going to the expense of a whole new set of doors., buying a new set of rollers will enable the doors to slide as if they're brand new again.

    TRPH-N Stl Car Grp Patio Roller

Our rollers are easy to fit and can be fitted with basic tools at home! You can save hundreds in replacement door costs and labour with simple DIY!  

When fitting new rollers, it's just a few screws to remove the old broken rollers and the same in reverse to fit the new replacement door rollers. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Euro Cylinders Website

Euro Cylinders Online!

Bulk Buy Euro Cylinders at Amazing Prices! 

We have launched a brand new website especially designed for the sale of euro cylinders.
The site features a range of different cylinders; from dual cylinders to half and single cylinders.
Our new site has a variety of cylinders to enable each individual to have maximum security and choice differentiating from standard double cylinders, key alike cylinders and thumbturn cylinders. 

High Security Euro Cylinder
High Security Euro Cylinder

Most cylinders are available in boxes of 10, great for trade and sold at incredible prices.

Majority of cylinders available are supplied with 3 keys and have a minimum of 6 pin operation/construction.

Cylinders that are uniquely developed for high security feature anti-drill pins which offers protection against common forms of attack, such as drilling, bumping, snapping and picking.   

Thumbturn Euro Cylinder
Thumbturn Euro Cylinder
Bulk buy thumb-turn cylinders are great for landlords with HMO properties. Cylinders can be used where residents require a key to enter however they can be locked and unlocked from the inside. Once leaving the property, the door will still be locked after closing, ensuring security.

Thumb turn cylinders also meet Fire Safety Regulations such as in case of an emergency, tenants can escape the building without use of a key. 
 Besides high security and thumb turn cylinders there are many more options of cylinders available!
For more information please visit: